Bringing in the harvest near Rathoath, Co Meath

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The Farming and Business community and 300 people from all over the country came together yesterday in a major

Display of community Spirit to rescue a harvest that was left uncut By receivers who failed to get any contractors to cut the wheat.

The Spokesperson for the New Land League ,Jerry Beades said that it appears Receivers were prepared to let the Crop Rot and if the Farming Community in County Meath had not taken the action they did yesterday the harvest would have deteriorated

A local Publican supplied food and sandwiches and neighbours boiled kettles and some women set up a tea station to supply teas and coffee to the many men and women who travelled from as far away as Wexford.

A 230 ACRE FIELD Which has remained uncut Because of a dispute With Receivers for AIB.The Farm is owned By JAMES MURPHY who purchased the farm at the height of the Boom and is now in Difficulties with AIB and NAMA.

The Crop is owned by Barry Murphy who has a Licence to rent the farm and plant Crops
Barry planted the Crop in the Spring and paid all costs with sewing the Crop and was allowed in to Spray the crop Earlier this Year.