Report of the Expert Group on Repossessions

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Expert Group on Repossession

1. The Expert Group on Repossessions was established in September 2013 in
response to the following commitment to the Troika contained in the 9th review
of the Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies (MEFP):
“As part of our ongoing review of the effectiveness of statutory
repossession arrangements as set out in the MEFP for the 9th review,
we will define, in consultation with the staff of the EC, ECB, and IMF,
terms of reference by mid-August for an expert group to review by
end-2013 the length, predictability and cost of proceedings, including
relative to peer jurisdictions, and propose, where necessary,
appropriate measures to be brought forward quickly to deal with any
problems arising.”

This report will awnser many of the question asked about court proceedures.

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