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Today's actions by the court services in preventing access by the public to the courts is Waterford is not a new development since early this year Court registers have been implementing new rules for fast tracking Repositions orders for Banks, In the Dublin Fore courts members of the public were asked to leave the Circuit Court in April by a register who was fast tracking over 100 possession orders for Banks in the space of one hour. Similar new practises have been observed all over the country in the Circuit Courts.
2 weeks ago in Trim court 3 Garda were present at the registers Court and they ended up directing people out to the members of the HUB who help people for free with advice on their rights and help defendant home owners enter an appearance form in the local circuit court office to slow down the fast tracking of possession orders in the circuit courts. The Fine Gale/Labour Government gave the OK in April for the fast tracking of 5 to 6 thousands Evictions as a tester for up to 30,000 over the next 12 months.
This is what we are seeing in the Registrars Circuit courts all over the country every Monday The HUB is one of the affiliate groups that make up the New land League and the Land League has for the last 12 months . Trying to highlight with the public, Government policy for mass evictions that are now processing through the courts. 500.0000 people are facing similar fate as this is the number of persons who cannot service their debt in Ireland in 2014 and in turn their homes are at risk, The government has no joined up thinking only EVICT ?. Today's event has Made the public aware of the Problem the government will not Acknowledge.
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