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Immediate threats to Ireland & the Irish People Actions required by you!

  • No Democracy – The majority of elected members of the Dáil have no say in the Dáil. We have elected a dictatorship. Whipped party members have no say.Councillors have no say in local government decisions. The Government appointed Co Manager has total control of the council. Your voice is not heard! 12 suicides per week is now a consequences of their policies. Party politics does not represent the people. Successive governments have proven this.

Vote for Independents – We need 51% independents.

  • 170k Homes in danger of being re-possessed in the next 5 years

Support the Land League to stop repossessions & force a write-down of mortgage debt.

  • Irish Water being prepped for sell-off to private multinational maybe Monsanto. Our water is fluoridated (a carcinogen) at a cost of €10m per year.

Resist the installation of meters, pay no water charges until there is a constitutional amendment that Irish Water will not be sold (Italy has just done this) and fluoride is removed from our water. Water may be the “White Gold” of the 21st century. Ireland could be exporting it; not of buying it from a private multinational.

  • Ireland has more oil and gas resources than the North Sea and Norway added together. Total value €3 TRILLION (Ian R Crane). These are being given away to corporate interests: They are the property of the Irish people.

Join the Land League and work to reclaim for the Irish people these phenomenal resources. We should be the wealthiest country in Europe.

  • SMEs being put out of business by Commercial Rates.2/3 of all jobs

Support The Land League who is working for a fairer Commercial rates system. Possibly will instigate National withholding of Commercial rates to bring this about.

  • The failed parasitic Banking system requiring a Bail-in of €53bn* (taken from your deposits as happened in Cyprus) *Peter Matthews Former Banker & TD

Support The Public Banking Forum of Ireland who is working to introduce Public welfare oriented Public Savings Banks to Ireland incorporating the Post Offices & the Credit Unions in a comprehensive Public Banking system.

  • Credit Union Savings are held in our failed banks and in danger of being bailed in.

Support the setup of Public Savings Banks where Credit Union deposits can be held safe from being bailed in.