Meeting to form The Land League Donegal Branch

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Immediate threats to People of Donegal, Public meeting will be held on Tuesday, 15th of July at 8.00pm in the Clanree Hotel, Letterkenny.

 Are you or any member of your family, friends, neighbours facing repossession of your home?

Are you in debt with credit cards, personal loans? Being taken to court by the bank?

Is a Receiver knocking on the door of your business?

We can help you to help yourselves.
166 repossession cases were brought before the registrar in Letterkenny circuit court on 23/06/14.

Families being silently made homeless. Don't sit back and wait until they come for your home.

Up to 10 people a week are committing suicide in this country due to Debt issues.

Please don't let your family be the next to weep.On 15th July at 8.00pm in the Clanree Hotel Letterkenny, we are holding a meeting to form the Donegal Branch of The Land League.
We ask for nothing in return.

Please take the first step in fighting the injustice being silently inflicted on the people of Donegal by the banks.

Visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in confidence if you are one of the silent?

A number of firms of recievers and a local Donegal auctioneers have been quitely working in Donegal to reposses and sell at auction properties without the owners consent, Ofter the owners have been trying desperatly for extended lenghts of time to negotiate a settlement with the banks, Who rearly even respond to telephone calls or letters.

Please become part of the solution to the injustice being inflicted on the people of Donegal and Ireland. Stand up these unlawful repossesions. Do not stand back and think it does not effect you.

It effects everyone.